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Hello Goodboy

A wholesome narrative adventure game with a dog.

Where you do nice things for other souls, enjoy comfort food, and experience a second chance to mend your past life.

Embark on a wholesome journey with Iiko through the afterlife and help other souls along the way. Uncover the mystery of the journey and prepare for whatever awaits.

What comes after depends on what you do and whom you spend time with.

It is coming to PC/Steam and Switch in 2023.

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Game Features

  • Journey through otherworldly places, with memorable experiences, interesting souls, and tough choices to make.

  • Spend time with unique yet relatable characters who have heartwarming stories to share.

  • Journey with a dog named Coco who you can interact and play with.

  • Do nice things and help others with Iiko’s repair skills and Coco’s sniff power; solve puzzles, repair broken stuff, seek missing treasures, and even travel through time!

  • Uncover the truth and purpose behind the journey and prepare to face whatever awaits in the end.

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