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Biblio Games Library

You can try the game first, and then feel free to discuss with us how you want it implemented into your system.

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NomNom Cat

Play as the cat and get treats as much as you can from people. More treats to get, more points to catch.

Good choice for Increase Duration and Improve Stickiness.

Climb Up!

A narrow tunnel full of rewards for those who climb it up. Grab the gems, avoid the obstacles. Be fast, the time is limited!

Good choice for Improve Stickiness and Reward Customer.

Fly High!

Fly high to space and beyond! Grab the coins and fuel along the way to reach more height and score.

Good choice for Increase Duration and Reward Customer.

Slot Machine

All time favorite, try your luck and grab the rewards! Spend the loyalty points and do some fortune wheel.

Good choice for Increase Active User and Reward Customer.

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